"I fell in love again.

All things go, all things go "

My name is Cameron and I am a 19 year old guy that lives in Vancouver, BC

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It's always sunny in philadelphia omg






//This began the rise of Aperture Science.



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science holy shit that's cool
You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

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personal tbd i'm just a little scared

First image from the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie leaked!!


First image from the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie leaked!!

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Do you watch the Feminist Frequency videos? I think they are something to think about, and I think it is such a shame that the hate for Sarkeesian blows out any chance for an actual intelligent discussion for the videos. I'm also sad that I feel I need to use the Anonymous function here in case anyone decides to attack me for liking them, too.



You seem really sincere about your question so I’ll discuss my thoughts on it a little bit. I also watch all of the Feminist Frequency videos (pertaining to video games), I actually just watched the Women Are Background Objects Part 2 yesterday. Everything she says is not inherently wrong, though she goes to extremes to pull things that are sometimes way out of context (like using parody games to prove her point, which is particularly disheartening when the games shown are exaggerating social issues or pop culture references) which just highlights a personal ignorance of video game culture, she also provides no criticism or elaborates on how she might fix this problem on a case by case basis aside from one that I recall (Watch Dogs) where she says there should be an option to save the women in danger, instead of just chasing after the murderer, which I agree with because I think it’s a great idea and adds another gameplay layer to the entire system. Instead though, most of the time she opts to disparage the industry by way of pointing her finger and calling sexism. I find her videos to be intellectually compelling, she uses a lot of big words, often too big for the audience she is most likely catering to, I myself find it hard to follow sometimes. She also says things pretty rapidly with such verbosity in some instances that it can be hard to catch what she is really implying without multiple viewings of certain segments.

Her newest video as I have stated is not inherently wrong, there is a lot of violence in video games, there is a lot of violence against women in video games as she showed, and game worlds do use women sexually in their game worlds. But does that make gamers and the game industry sexists? Should games now be censored even though they are pulling ideas from real life and culture? Can no women be sexualized in video games at all? I don’t think that game developers should limit themselves when they are trying to tell a story, especially a story that is darker in tone, which is where she grabs most of her examples. Take for example, Bioshock. In it there are many instances of women being abused, the example used in the video is one where there is a ghostly image of a girl who was an exoctic dancer I believe, and eventually her small story arc leads to a bedroom where she is dead on the bed, mutilated. The trope is used to compel players to feel for this woman, and paint the bad guy with a harsher brush. Is that bad? Is it bad to feel drawn into a world because you feel for a character you don’t even know and want to exact revenge/justice/vengeance? I don’t really think so? In fact I think that’s good storytelling if you become invested in a character in that short of time. I think, because of this that some of the examples she used are actually bad examples. Don’t however mistake this as me disagreeing with her completely, some of the examples she used were, when taken out of their context, actually pretty bad (In terms of their nature), and definitely help her prove the point she is trying to present, especially the ones pertaining to Watch Dogs, and potentially God of War 3’s example with Poseidon’s Princess, and her sexual appeal and gruesome death. Though she did forget to mention the lore of the letter in her chambers, which reads verbatum

Dearest beloved, I ask your forgiveness for making you the subject of my rage. It is not you who angered me so, but my brother and his refusal to harness the great power he hides within the labyrinth. A storm is brewing and Zeus provides Olympus with no harbour. Only the comforts found in your arms give me rest.

-Your Lord, Poseidon “

Which adds another layer to the discussion, indicating that the character is loved by Poseidon, and that yes, Kratos is an Anti-Hero and an Asshole - which is known from the start of the game. It’s kind of the whole point. Also yes, the character is sexualized, but this also takes place in ancient roman/greek times and with less than 5 minutes a research you can find out that women’s clothing looked like THIS , often exposing their breasts in a non sexualized manner. So is God of War’s portrayal too real for you? Should they censor it? It’s perhaps a case of someone projecting their personal beliefs on to someone else, in this case, hundreds of thousands - and manipulating the perspective towards their personal beliefs. Almost anything can be taken out of context to prove a point, just say it enough and loud enough, sometimes it doesn’t even have to make sense. I’m not saying that FF’s video does not bring up a very compelling argument and point. I’m just mind dumping a little bit (or a lot) and when I personally think about it more and more I feel like this situation won’t exist years from now. It’s culturally relevant now, and I don’t think it will be 10 years from now. It’s almost like a case of someone wanting change, “WE WANT CHANGE!” ” WE WANT IT NOW!” Though change comes over time, I have no doubt in my mind that video games as a medium will progress in the right direction, just as culture progresses in real life, slowly but surely.

A rational discussion about a FF video? GASP. 

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good read long post i had a lot of trouble putting my thoughts into words but this helps a lot
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ezra koenig
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ezra koenig
Take It Or Leave It

Cage The Elephant · Melophobia


"Oh why, won’’t you make up your mind?"

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take it or leave it cage the elephant
I thought I’d have you forever.

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